Children In Western Demoso Affected By Skin Illness


By CJ/Kantarawaddy Times

Children from Hteela Thukho and others who have taken shelter in the village in western Demoso Township from the war have been suffering from a skin condition since last week.

A health worker said they have rashes on their bodies and many children living in the area, where there is no medical clinic, also had diarrhoea a few months ago. These people cannot go to a clinic or hospital.

The scarcity of water during the dry season in Karenni State has led to unhygienic conditions, causing health problems for the civilian population, for whom it’s difficult to practise good hygiene.

“Residents and IDPs (internally displaced persons) mainly use the rainwater they can collect,” a local has informed Kantarawaddy Times.

There are about 200 people living in 40 houses in Hteela Thukho, plus 100 IDPs.


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