Malaria Outbreak in Phruso and Demawhso, Karenni State; Shortage of Medicines


By Kantarawaddy Times

In Demawhso and Phruso townships, Karenni State, both locals and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are experiencing a malaria outbreak with limited access to medicines, according to health workers providing assistance.

The most common types of malaria reported are Plasmodium Vivax (P.V) and Plasmodium falciparum (P.F).

“P.V is more prevalent here. In Demawhso, both P.V and P.F cases are reported. While it may not show up in tests, the symptoms are evident. Mosquitoes are rampant, but there is a shortage of mosquito nets and medications. If we could connect with other organizations for donations, we could better prevent the spread of the disease,” said a health worker from Phruso township.

During 2018, Demawhso and Phruso townships reported having no malaria cases. However, by 2022, malaria cases reportedly began to re-emerge.

“There are many cases with symptoms. Out of around 32 people tested, 16 were P.V positive. Two people tested positive for both P.V and P.F infections. This data is from accessible areas in eastern Demawhso. P.V cases were more prevalent last month, but they have slightly improved this month. However, there is still a shortage of medication,” stated a health worker from eastern Demawhso.

There is not only a lack of medication for malaria but also a need for mosquito nets to prevent further infection.

Among the four types of malaria, P.V and P.F are the most prevalent in Karenni State. In May, at least 35 people in eastern Demawhso and southeastern Phruso were reported to have P.V malaria. In June, there were four P.V positive cases in eastern Demawhso and two in southern Phruso, according to health workers.


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