Clashes at Pinlaung-Pekon Border Cause Further Displacement of Locals and IDPs


Kantarawaddy Times

In southern Shan State, fighting has erupted at the border between Pinlaung and Pekon townships, forcing locals and internally displaced persons (IDPs) to flee once again, according to aid workers assisting the displaced.

Due to communication disruptions in the area where IDPs are taking refuge, rescue efforts for the displaced people are being hampered, said a member of the Kayan Rescue Committee (KRC) which is involved in relief operations.

“The fighting has been going on for two to three days. Currently, we can’t evacuate everyone. The fighting is blocking the roads and we lack enough vehicles for transportation to pick up the displaced. The lack of personal vehicles among the IDPs are all factors. Additionally, communication is also a huge issue as there‚Äôs no phone or internet connections in these areas, which greatly delays emergency rescue operations,” he said.

Currently, around 50 people have reportedly been evacuated, but the exact number of those still stranded is unknown.The evacuated IDPs have sought refuge in safe areas, according to a KRC member.

“The clashes are occurring at the Pinlaung-Pekon border. Most of the IDPs who fled to the Pinlaung side are from neighborhoods in Pekon township. Some have also fleet towards Taunggyi, but they are a minority. There are no casualties among those who have been evacuated. For now, they are taking temporary shelter in villages that are considered safe,” added a KRC member.

Fighting has been ongoing at the Pinlaung-Phekon border since June 17, and some civilians are reportedly trapped in the conflict zone.


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