Locals Against the Application for Mining Zone

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Kantarawaddy Times

Locals opposed to U Win Min Nyein’s (on behalf)/ Da Nu Pyit Won Company’s mining project applied for (247) acres, field No. (wide field), at Kone Thar Village-tract, Loikaw Township.

The local people from Kone Thar and Kayan Thar Yar village-tracts clipped the posters throughout the road on May 1st, and the poster is written that they oppose against Da Nu Pyit Won Company’s mining project which is planning to operate without transparency at Kone Thar and Kayan Thar Yar Village-tract during this outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, and it also mentioned there is (totally) no vacant lands.

Kone Thar Village-tract Administrator U Dar Nyay Leh said the locals signed the objection letter and submitted to government as the company’s land acres application is getting higher although the company already purchased some land acres at Kone Thar village-tract in last year, 2019.

Locals clipping posters in Kone Thar village-tract against vacant land application. Photo- Kantarawaddy Times

“As we already submitted it, the Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics (DALMS) cannot proceed to approve it if it is protested on time. We will wait for the result and situation, and the negotiation between farmers and company will be main what to do next.” he said.

The DALMS have announced already that anyone can express their disagreement upon the mining project applied by Da Nu Pyit Won Company before May 1st.

Local people said there would be nothing to complain if the Da Nu Pyit Won Co. Ltd. operate their project at purchased land acres only. However, they should pay compensation with current land price for those extended acquisition of local lands and have full accountability and transparency.
“The land acres the company have applied were very large. Indeed, there are only about 40-50 acres when we look at their previously purchased land acres. The one they applied present have 247 acres, so it is very large.” said the Administrator.

The farmers, besides, are worrying the mining project would lead their spring water dry up as their spring water source is near the applied land zone.

The community-based organizations criticized the government action has no transparency as the release was sent to Village Administrator only 3 days ahead of the due date although it mentioned anyone can protest the project before May 1st.

“We assume they are doing secretly with the reason of COVID-19 to minimize public chaos and complaints as they wrapped up it within couple days instead of month.” said Khon Angelo, the Person-in-charge of Karenni MATA.

The State Hluttaw Representative of Hpruso Township Constituency-1, U Teh Reh, said this action is exploitation utilizing the pandemic exploitatively while the government authorized the public to stay home during this coronavirus outbreak.

“While citizens are encountering the pandemic, government are working on it. So, it is very ridiculous. In my viewpoint, I see like the government ordered the public to stay home and doing it confidentially. Thus, we can say they are making profit on present pandemic that they ordered public to stay home and doing it confidentially.

It also said the locals and company have already negotiated, and there will also be further negotiation between them.

The land area Da Nu Pyit Won Co. Ltd. applied for mining project is vacant land and farmland that the Kone Thar Village-tract including other villages are cultivating there, and over 700 acres of local’s relying spring water source is also existed there.

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