KSCC Trying To Get Financial Support For CDM in Kayah State

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By Kantarawaddy Times

The Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC) says it’s trying to provide assistance for government employees who lost their salaries after joining the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDC).

“KSCC has already drawn up a policy to help government servants who joined the CDM to protest against the military junta and work on social relief issues. We are working with the interim National Unity Government (NUG) to get the support,” a KSCC official told Kantarawaddy Times. The official added how important the CDM is because its “playing an essential role to end the military dictatorship in this country.”

Those who joined the CDM are struggling without a income, and now the regime is threatening to fire them, a government staff who requested anonymity informed Kantarawaddy Times. “We have to spend all of our savings on food. Because we can not stay in our government apartments, we are staying at our relative’s homes.”

Even though some workers have been dismissed, a staffer from the Ministry of Construction said she won’t give up until the regime falls. “I refuse to retreat. We will continue with the CDM until we win!”

KSCC is working closely with the National Unity Consultative Council and the interim government to establish a federal democratic union.

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