Koh Lee Sho IDP Camp Needs Urgent Food Aid.


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Koh Lee Sho internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in the southeast of Pruso township, Karneni State, is facing a critical food shortage and urgently requires assistance, according to relief workers.

“People keep inquiring if there are any donors. Not only this year, but since last year, we have not received any donations. Those who struggle to make ends meet inquire about the donation situation,” said a relief worker at the IDP camp.

Due to ongoing conflict, the IDPs rely heavily on donations, but they have gone months without support. One IDP expressed the difficulties they face due to the food scarcity.

“Previously, donors would provide us with rice, but they have stopped coming lately. Initially, when we fled, some donors even provided blankets,” they stated.

To meet their food needs, the displaced people have resorted to working as day laborers on local farms.

“We have to work as tenant farmers. We earn wages of 6,000-7,000 kyat per day, which is difficult to sustain a livelihood. Nearly every household faces food insecurity,” said an IDP.

On February 16, a fire destroyed a house in the Koh Lee Sho IDP camp, along with the camp’s stored rice and peanuts.

The Koh Lee Sho IDP camp reportedly has a population of over 700 individuals and more than 200 households.


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