Diarrhea Outbreak in Villages Relying on the Red Pond


Kantarawaddy Times.

Residents stated that five villages in the southeastern part of Pruso Township, Karenni State, are experiencing cases of diarrhea due to the use of contaminated water from the red pond as their drinking water source”.

A resident expressed concern, stating, “there are about 5 to 10 people who have been affected by diarrhea. We are concerned about patients who experience frequent fevers. If the number of diarrhea cases increases, we need to report to the responsible healthcare providers and the appropriate treatment clinics.”

It has been discovered that villagers who use the red pond as a water source have been experiencing diarrhea, while young children are suffering from skin diseases. Locals fear that more cases of diarrhea will emerge, as they have been unable to maintain personal hygiene due to water scarcity and the lack of clean water.

With insufficient water supply, we are unable to maintain proper hygiene practices, posing risks to our health. “Our well-being is closely linked to access to water. We don’t have enough water here, so we can’t bathe, and our health can be affected. We can’t afford to buy water either. Hence, we are worried about getting diarrhea,” claimed a local resident.

Since the first week of February this year, five villages in the southeast of Pruso Township have been using water from the red pond as their drinking water source, as their reservoir has run out of water.

The five villages, as well as internally displaced people (IDPs), are sharing the water from the pond for drinking. With water scarcity persisting, both villagers and IDPs are appealing for assistance through water donations.


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