KNP says no lawsuit against the person who destroyed party signs

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Maw Mi Myar

Khun Myint Naing, a candidate for the Kayan National Party (KNP) who will contest in the State Hluttaw for Constituency No. 2, said they would not file a lawsuit even though they knew the person who destroyed the signboards of Kayah State Democratic Party (KySDP) and Kayan National Party (KNP).

“The first thing is I’m sorry for it. But I’m not mad at it because there may be some ignorance, or misunderstanding, or different idea. I understand this concept. Therefore, I do not have the spirit to sue. I have to be patient and make them understand what they do not understand. That is my belief.”

A KySDP and KNP party sign was destroyed three days ago in Hsaung Du Village, Lobakho Village Tract, west of Demawso Township, Kayah State.

Khun Thomas, Head of the KySDP and KNP office in Deemawso Township, said the party would not take any serious action for destroying of the party’s signboards with any intention; instead they will keep up not to happen like that again.

“Whatever the purpose of the maker does it. However, we are sorry that the victims are our party, but we also know that the person who did it is a member of the election commission from community level. It’s even worse since that kind of person did it himself. But in the viewpoint of our party and in the viewpoint of our candidates, we will not retaliate against anyone. All our candidates will contest in the election peacefully. We will run in the upcoming election with the will of the people.”

The destroyer was said to be a villager around Hsaung Du Village.The Election Commission has been notified of the vandalism, but no further complaints have been lodged, according to Deemawso Township Election Commission Chairman Kan Shwe.

“They [KySDP & KNP parties] said they will settle the issue themselves. It is not such a problem, and they will resolve the issue peacefully and unitedly as they all are same ethnic people,” said Kan Shwe.

On October 5, there was also the case an insane person destroyed the signboard of four parties in Bawlakhae Township, Kayah State.The 10 total parties such as Kayah State Democratic Party (KySDP); Kayan National Party (KNP); Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP); National League for Democracy (NLD); National Democratic Force (NDF); United Democratic Party (UDP); Union Betterment Party (UBP); National Unity Party (NUP); National Political Democratic Party (NPDP); People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers (PPMFW) will run in Deemawso Township.

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