KNDF Provides Medical Assistance In IDP Camps In Karenni State

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By Kantarawaddy Times

Medics from Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) are helping villagers displaced by Burma Army offensives and fighting with the civilian resistance group, which took up arms against the regime in Karenni State last May.

An official with KNDF’s Battalion 1 said while fighting in Demawso Township has stabilised, they’re able to send their medics to internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps. ”Some of them are also former teachers who can teach the children in the camps,” a Battalion 1 official told Kantarawaddy Times, explaining that they organise an activity every week.

After the military blocked humanitarian aid from reaching the camps, it’s a challenge to maintain health services, he said. “We still need many things. We don’t have enough medicines, but we’re doing our best to help the IDPs in our area. Also, we don’t have enough food or other rations and even weapons.” The official said donors can approach the KNDF directly to help.

Although it’s important to fight against the junta in Karenni State, he stressed the importance of providing medical assistance to civilians and empowering them while they are forced to live in the camps due to the conflict.

According to the Karenni Civil Society Network, 144,449 – over half the 286,627 population of Karenni State – have been displaced as of 10 October. Some of these people have returned home but many remain in the camps. Another 5,000 people were displaced between 27 September and 10 October.

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