Inflation Bears Down Hard On Hpruso IDPs


By Kantarawaddy Times

Increased food costs coupled with weak transport links to western Hpruso Township have hit war-displaced civilians and low-income earners hard.

“We do not have a regular income. This is our reality and it makes things really difficult,” said one man on condition of anonymity. He earns only $2.40 a day, but the price of an egg has been increased to 14 cents, a bottle of cooking oil and soap costs about $1.40 each, while a battery costs $1.

A woman who moved to an IDP camp in the township in Karenni State over a year ago said they do not receive regular relief supplies. “We get 3 baskets of rice per person for a month. This is not enough for us, but none of us have any income.” Like many others, she is worried about what the future holds for her family.

There are over 6,000 internally displaced people who fled their homes in Hpruso Township when fighting broke out between the Burma Army and Karenni resistance groups.


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