Demawso Farmers Harvest Paddy During Junta Shelling


By Kay Du/Kantarawaddy Times

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Farmers have to harvest their rice amid regime shelling in eastern Demawso Township, and sometimes shells land in their farms and they have to work around them even though there is a risk of them exploding.

One man who spoke to Kantarawaddy Times on condition of anonymity said he found shells in his fields and didn’t dare remove them. “Even though we work in our fields, we cannot return to our village because a Burma Army shell can land in our village at any time.”

Another farmer named Ngar Reh told Kantarawaddy Times that he can only afford enough fertiliser for half of his 10-acre farm because of the war. “Last year we got 100 bags of rice and I am not sure if we will get 50-60 bags of rice this year.” He’s had to make the difficult decision to either buy food for himself and his family or fertiliser for his farm.

In an effort to finish their crops before the shelling starts again, farmers are renting paddy reapers. In the past, fuel for the machines cost them $30 per acre, but this year the price has risen to $50 due to rising petrol prices.


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