IDPs need humanitarian assistance after fleeing armed clashes near old IDP camp


By Kay Du/ Kantarawaddy Times

Nearly 200 IDP families need assistance to build new shelters afterhaving to flee their previous IDP camp. The IDPs fled their IDP camp to new safe places in eastern Demawso Township in Karenni State on 25 January because the Burma Army launched an offensive operation against Karenni resistance groups in the area.

U Banyar (source 1), Director of the Karenni Human Rights Group (KnHRG), said that these IDPs had to flee quickly due to the Burma Army’s offensive, and were not able to bring any property or livestock from their previous IDP camp. These IDPs need shelter and humanitarian assistance in the new safe locations where they have fled.

“The IDPs needed to immediately leave their camp. This is why they could not bring their properties and their livestock,” U Banyar (source 1) told Kantarawaddy Times.

A male IDP (source 2) said that they were very upset that they lost their thatched bamboo huts in their old camp.

“It’s really difficult to find thatches for our bamboo huts. We had to go collect those thatches from a dangerous area not far from the location of fighting. It was also difficult to get the bamboo. Some IDPs had already built their bamboo huts and prepared thatches for the roofs, but some IDPs were still building their bamboo huts. Suddenly, we needed to flee from our camp and leave everything there. We are so frustrated to lose our shelter. Some IDPs cried,” he (source 2) told Kantarawaddy Times.

At the moment, the IDPs are trying to build new bamboo huts in the new safe places where they are seeking refuge. The IDPs are also constructing school buildings where their children can continue their education.

The IDP camp committee said that they have received some donation money from private donors, but they are currently unable to buy construction materials for their new shelters because they cannot travel in the area for security reasons.


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