Drug Rehab Center Reopened for Drug Addicts

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Kantarawaddy Times

The Director of Pe’ Kon Rehabilitation Center, U Zaw Win Htunt, said they have reopened the Shwe Pyi Ayi Youth Rehabilitation Camp for rehabilitation of the drug addicted youths at Kathe Village, Kone Sone Village-tract, Pe’ Kon Township, Southern Shan State.

U Zaw Win Htunt said, “We will manage for them separating their mealtime and exercise time. The Shwe Pyi Aye camp for rehabilitation of those drug addicted youths is just reopened. It has been closed for a long time. We will start opening basically 3 months, 90 days long, camp based.”

It said they start accepting the trainees as they will be camped for 3 months and rehabilitated.

“In the beginning, we will firstly conduct the health check to the trainees. For instance, we would not accept the applicant if he/she has Hepatitis B or C. If the applicants have other diseases, they would be considered. Depend on their drug addiction level, we will perform the medical check,” said U Zaw Win Htunt.

This rehabilitation camp has been closed for 10 years, and it is reopened after the Ministry of Home Affairs transferred it to Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Rehabilitation on last 2019.

It is said (20) special trainees will be recruited under the union’s sponsored program, and those enrolled applicants will have to sign the commitment form with the approval of their parents/guardians. If the trainee quit or flee from the camp, the camp will not take responsibility on it.

It also said they will not accept the applicants who have Hepatitis B or C and other infectious diseases.

During the three-month training period, the trainees will be trained in agricultural training, vocational training such as motorcycle repair training, car workshop training, and other knowledge-raising activities which alleviate the rehabilitation.

During the three-month training period, trainees are allowed to bring their own personal hygiene kits, and the other facilities will be arranged and supported freely by the camp. Besides, the trainees are allowed to meet with their parents and relatives once per week; but they are not allowed to go outside the camp.

It said only 9 out of 11 rehabilitation camps in Myanmar are active.

Those who overcame from drug addiction founded the Theh Rehabilitation Camp on 1983 and renamed its name as Shwe Pyi Aye Youth Rehabilitation Camp in 2002.

In 2005, the training was closed, and they reopened it and treated totally (427) drug addicts and trained for 28 weeks from 1983 to 2005.

It said they will open the training on July 7th, and only (20) trainees will be accepted.

As of July 1st, there have been already 4 registrants.

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