DMO PDF has Lost 36 of its Comrades During the Three Years of the Revolution.


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Dee Maw So People’s Defense Force (DMO PDF) has marked its third anniversary, and the group has lost 68 members during the three years of revolution. The DMO PDF’s Secretary (1), Dar Moe, reported that 40 members have suffered limb amputations.

“There are many injured, over 200, maybe even 278. Those are just the injured. We’ve had 28 members suffer limb amputations in the Local PDF, including 12 other soldiers who were sent to the Union forces. We lost 48 members in the DMO Local PDF and over 20 in the three battalions that were sent to the Union forces,” he said.

The DMO PDF has provided as much support as possible to those who have suffered limb amputations. The Dee Maw So People’s Defense Force comprises four battalions in the DMO Local PDF and three battalions under the National Unity Government (NUG).

The DMO PDF currently has around 900 active members, not including those working in administration or logistics. Women make up 15% of the DMO PDF, serving in roles such as healthcare, administration, and logistics. The DMO PDF is actively engaged in joint operations with other revolutionary forces in Karenni State.

“We have been involved in military operations across many parts of Karenni State, from the Mese battle to this day. We operate from Mese, Hpasawng, Hpruso, Nan Phe, Dee Maw Soe, Loikaw, Pe Kon, Moe Bye, Hsi Hseng, Shan State (both North and South). As we are part of a joint force, we operate accordingly in each region,” said Dar Moe, DMO PDF Secretary (1).

Since the junta’s implementation of conscription military laws, around 100 people have joined the DMO PDF, with approximately 70 receiving basic military training.

The Dee Maw So People’s Defense Force (DMO PDF) was formed on May 6, 2021, under the guidance of the National Unity Government (NUG). This year marks its third anniversary


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