Displaced Civilians Still Hungry Despite Aid Reaching Camps In Karenni State


By Kantarawaddy Times

Civilians affected by the conflict in Karenni State, which has been ongoing for almost eight months, are struggling with limited support, poor employment prospects and soaring inflation caused by the coup and ongoing Burma Army offensives that have devastated the local economy.

“We have to buy dried food like salt and dried chilli. We haven’t had (enough) rice, cooking oil, egg or nutritional powder for our children for a long time. Everything is expensive,” a man displaced by the clashes in western Demawso Township told Kantarawaddy Times.

Although donors bring rice to the camps every week, he said they do not have the supplies to make curry. Besides, the donations can’t feed his family. ”The donors provide enough for smaller families, but not for bigger ones. For example, my family consists of eight people.”

According to the Karenni Civil Society Network, the conflict has displaced 156,935 people, or more than half the state’s population. Of these, 68,265 were in Demawso Township. From 22 November to 5 December, 1,486 people fled the fighting the Karenni State.


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