Women’s Groups Condemn Slayings In Mobye


By Kantarawaddy Times

Women’s organisations have condemned the brutal killings of over 20 civilians by the military regime between April and June in Mobye town in southern Shan State.

“In a brutal action, the people, including women, were tortured and killed by the Burma army in war crimes and crimes against humanity in Karenni areas,” said Mu Angela, the second secretary of Kayan Women Organisation (KyWO). The organisation will do its best to take the Military Council to the international court, she told Kantarawaddy Times.

According to the KyWO, the Burma army raped two women in a house in Si Kar Ward 2 in the town on the border with Karenni State in mid-June. “Their neighbours heard the two women crying while being raped by the soldiers in the house before they killed them.” Mu Angela said others were shot dead in the street or killed by shelling.

The Burmese Women’s Union has reported that junta soldiers raped and killed two women in surrounding villages during an offensive in Pekon Township where Mobye town is located.

According to a volunteer helping civilians displaced by the regime’s attacks, the bodies of 28 civilians were found in the town between the end of May and the third week of June. “We’re in the process of documenting their names, ages and villages,” he said, explaining that the number of dead could be even higher than what they know.

An officer from Mobye People Defence Force Battalion 1, which is fighting against the regime, said Burma army troops remained in place in the town, where the violence has temporarily stopped. Thousands of people have been displaced after the regime launched an offensive to seize the town from resistance forces.


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