Women’s Capacity-building Training Heldin Demoso

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A group of cooperatives in Karenni (Kayah) State’s Demoso Township is offering capacity-building training for women to give them the economic knowledge andvocational skills they need toearn money for themselves and their families.

“The objective of this training is to develop the capacity of women so they can have a leadership role in business,” U NehDoh, who works with the Demoso Township Cooperative, told Kantarawaddy Times.

The training, which began on August 20 and will continue until September 26, teaches vocational skills, business knowledge, and social awareness.

Participants can learn how tosewclothbags, embroiderflowers, and make various kinds of jam,juice, and liquid soap. The training is provided by the Mae Khong-Lang Chang Cooperative, the Thiri May Women’sDevelopment Association, and the Demoso Township Cooperative.

“I hope I can make fruit jam and snacks or sew bags in my home after this training,” said DawSoeMyar, one of the trainees.

Some of the trainees said they already have a plan for what they will do after they complete the training.

“We are talking about forming a group to make jams, snacks and juices. Then we will sell our products in schools,” Daw Ann Taw Nyar,a trainee fromTanangOokoiWard,told Kantarawaddy Times.

According to U NehDoh, the Demoso Township Cooperativewill provide technical and financial assistanceand help the trainees gain market access.

Trainer DawSoeThanda, who is working for the Thiri May Women’s Development Association, said that they can help the trainees get approval from the government’s Food and Drug Administration so they can sell their products commercially.

“Wecan help themregistertheir products by providing quality assurance and information about ingredients and so on,” she said.

In practice, women have many difficultiesstarting their own businesses, even after theysuccessfully complete their vocational and capacity-building training.

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