Water Donors in High Demand at Eastern Pruhso

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Soe Htike Aung

U Shay Peh from Law Ku-ku, Pruhso Township, says they are in demand of water donors as the villagers are encountering water shortage in this early spring although each village from eastern Pruhso Township has groundwater or lake.

“The issues of our water problem are that the groundwater is far from us, and the way to carry water is also difficult; in order to get a basket of water, 5-gallon basket, we have to travel for an hour to get a basket.

In Law Ku-ku, they often encounter the water shortage from January until May for five months.It says when they faced water problem, they have to carry water from urban area, Pruhso, and Htee Paw Hso lake with vehicle, Tway Lar Gyi. For those who do not have it, they carry with motorcycle daily.

“We have so many problems like health issue or even our careers as we do not have enough water. For instance, we have to give more time on carrying water instead of going to our work for 8 hours. In other words, we get only 5-6 hours to work instead of 8 hours. We have to give more time and prioritize for getting water.” said U Day Peh, the village chief of Law Ku-ku.

U Myo Min Htwe, the secretary of Ngwe Taung Pyi Relief Team (Emergency Aid), says they have donated 4,200 gallons of water on last 22nd February to Law Ku-ku Village, encountering water shortage.

He says “We donate both Deemawsoe and Pruhso. For Deemawsoe region, we reached to Daw Hso Pya, Daw Nyay Ku, and Daw Tama Gyi Village.”

They are donating mainly to Deemawsoe and Pruhso townships, which are encountering water shortage.

The villagers have to carry water two times per day for family drinking water where it takes about an hour to carry water one time.Some urban area in Pruhso, and eastern parts of Pruhso such as Kay Lyar village-tract, Mo Hso village-tract, Doe Preh village-tract, Mar Craw Shay village-tract, and Htee Paw Hso village-tract are encountering of water shortage.

According to the data of fiscal budget from 2019-2020 fiscal year, government approved 4850.570 billion kyats for Pruhso, and 5713.132 billion kyats for Deemawsoe in water supply, in case of regional development.

U Teh Reh, the State Hluttaw from Pruhso Township, said, in practice, they have water resource difficulties in order to implement water supply project.

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