War in Eastern Demoso – Junta deploys Air Strike in bid to break Karenni the resistance


Khu Nyeh Reh, the Interior Minister of Interior for the Karenni peoples CDM- aligned state government, informed the Kantarawaddy Times that there is currently intense fighting taking place in the eastern region of Demoso township. He further stated that the regime’s air-force has been deploying aerial bombardments in the area since April 16.

According to an official from the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), air strikes by the Military Council have targeted the eastern part of Demoso, where fighting has been ongoing for almost three days. The official stated that these air strikes are a response to heavy losses suffered by the Military Council.

Khu Nyeh Reh said, “From April 16 to 18, Dawngaykhu was the site of a fierce battle. During the conflict, a jet fighter arrived and launched an attack on the afternoon of April 16, firing again at 3:00 pm. The following night on April 17, the plane returned and dropped bombs while firing again. The devastating attacks resulted in three houses in Dawngaykhu being burned down and one house being completely destroyed.”

Since the first week of March, three battalions operating under the 2nd Military Operations Command (MOC-2) of the Military Council – 12th Infantry Battalion, 515th Light Infantry Battalion, and 516th Light Infantry Battalion – have been launching fierce attacks on the eastern side of Demoso township in three columns, engaging in intense combat with the joint defense forces.

According to a statement from the KNDF, the March battle resulted in the deaths of over 90 soldiers and approximately 50 injuries on the side of the Military Council. Additionally, many weapons and ammunition were seized.

Khu Nyeh Reh also noted that the 516th Light Infantry Battalion of the Military Council suffered the highest number of casualties during the conflict and that the Military Council had seen reinforcements in the first week of April to replace them.

“A day or two after the end of March, the 80th Infantry Battalion came again. The 80th Infantry Battalion is under the 66th Division. I think there are about 70, 80 soldiers. The most casualties are the 516th Light Infantry Battalion. So they replaced it and added strength,” said Khu Nyeh Reh.

The joint defense forces have not provided any information about the April conflict, and the Kantarawaddy Times has been unable to verify the number of casualties sustained by both sides.

Currently, the Military Council troops are stationed in the Dawtamagyi village-tract on the eastern side of Demoso Township.

Daily clashes have been ongoing on the eastern side of Demoso Township since March 9.According to reports, the fighting has been occurring throughout the day, with some days witnessing air strikes by the Military Council, while other days only involve minor skirmishes.


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