Two Chinese Being Maintained and Watched in Suspect of Coronavirus for 14 Days

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Naw Dway Eh Ku

Dr. Tun Nay Win, the officer of Public Health Ministry, Loikaw, said they will keep checking whether the two Chinese passengers, who have arrived with flight Business Visa to Loikaw, Kayah State from China, last days, have any symptoms of coronavirus.

“Yesterday (February 10), we went and diagnosed whether they have any symptoms, we also go again today with related health department. We will have to keep watching for 14 days started from their arrival date,” said Doctor.

The two Chinese passengers are Mr. Yang XiaoChual, aged 30 and Mr. Li Xian Guo, aged 51.

It says the two Chinese passengers would not allow to travel and will be maintained in a room for 14 days, then they will be checked in every morning and evening for the symptoms.

It is said by Ministry of State Immigration and Population that the passengers are going to run their business in the Metal Roofing Factory at Red Lake, Loikaw Township, and their plan is to stay there for 10 weeks.

“Our duty is we have to inform according to the law of Ministry of Immigration whenever there is the arrival of foreigners. Then they transfer the passenger’s documents further to health department. The health department, for instance, might not check if the passengers are German or somewhere else. As the current passengers are, however, Chinese, they came and did medical check. This is how we cooperate.” U Myint Zaw, the officer of Ministry of State Immigration and Population, says.

It says their department have the collaborative role to report the foreigners’ information till health department whenever the foreigners land at the state.

Those of the Public Health Department, Ministry of Immigration and Population, Hotel and Tourism Mangement Department, and General Administration Department are cooperating together to monitor systematically the arrival of passengers in Kayah Sate as of January 27.

The breakdown of coronavirus currently spread up to 28 countries with over four hundred thousand infected and over a thousand dead.

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