Treatment Room for COVID-19 Prepared Ahead in Loikaw Public Hospital

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Kantarawaddy Times

The Head of State Medical and Public Health Department, Dr. Htay Lwin, said they are preparing for treatment room ahead in Loikaw Public Hospital regarding to prevention of the spread of acute respiratory Covid-19 which happening over the globe.

“The disease would be potentially spreaded by the returnees who migrate and work in Thai or Malaysia. All of our nationals return in this summer to our country. We prepared ahead to provide healthcare and medical service in case so many are infected unexpectedly. Although we have only five patients so far, we have prepared 25 beds, and 8 emergency beds; totally we have 33 beds. Besides, we also prepare the other rooms to set up 60 more beds. The state government supported 973 million kyats for this and other medical facilities. Thus, we are preparing as fast as we can with this support.” Dr. Htay Lwin said.

It says that in their initial protection and healthcare service, they already prepared isolation ward, quarantine ward, and giving special training and practical to doctor, patients, screening experts, and general service providers in hospital.

The returnees who return from the infected countries are supposed to follow instruction to stay in quarantine home for 14 days, and both the administration and health department will restrain collaboratively if someone doesn’t follow the instruction.

“If the person suffers from COVID-19 symptoms- cough, fever, and difficult to breath- within 14 days of quarantine period, that person is required to have medical treatment immediately in hospital.” Doctor kept saying.

The monitoring and medical check were done over six thousand returnees as of February until now, and the entry gates are Loikaw Airport, the BP-9 border gate in Shardaw Township, and the BP-13 and 14 border gates in Mese Township.

The State Director U San Wai said they have plan for the foreigners staying with visa in the state that they have to inform to the Ministry of Immigration and Human Resources within 24 hours if the foreigners are found sick.

He said, “We have system to send report to Ministry of Immigration and Human Resources within 24 hours. We are also taking control seriously upon it. As we already announced everyone to inform to Hotel and Tourism Department, Health Department, and General Administration Department if he or she got illness. Thus, no need to worry for it.”

The Head of Nursing Daw Soe Soe Win said, according to the announcement, if possible she wants only small numbers of patient relatives to be in hospital as people are required to avoid from crowd.

“I want as few patient relatives as possible to be in hospital. It is like one patient relative per patient and reduce the number of guest visit.” she urged.

It said they prepared well all the protection facilities fully in township hospitals for prevention of this pandemic such as masks, eye-glasses, 248 uniform of personal protective equipment (PPE), 9002 sets of N95 masks, 15490 sets of surgical masks, 1000 bottles of hand gel to clean hand frequently, infrared thermometer, and other medical equipment.

There are 10 suspected patients in Loikaw Public Hospital, and 8 patients have negative according to the lab specimen and already returned home; but the rest twos haven’t known the result from the Lab yet.

It was said about the state situation related to the monitoring and protection of the spread of COVID-19 at 2PM, March 23, in meeting room of Loikaw Public Hospital.

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