Tour Businesses Get One-Year Exemption on License Fee

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The Kayah State Deputy Director of Hotel and Tourism Ministry U Zaw Lin Htunt said the fee of applying for a new license or renewals for tour businesses will be exempted for one-year as the tour business is going down due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

“In the past, the tour businesses in Kayah State progressed dramatically and now it goes opposite due to the COVID crisis. So, it becomes no more domestic or foreign tourists visit to the state. If we indicate with percent, it decreased up to 10%. Although we could make 100% profit in the past, it hits vastly to our business this day as only ordinary people instead of foreign guests book the room.” he said.

As the current pandemic affected to tour businesses, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism released on last April 15th the license fee will be exempted from April 1, 2020, until March 31, 2021, one-year period.

It said the purpose of this exemption is to have long-term development of hotel and tourism sector and for tourist to chill out safe.

It said the Myanmar Ministry of Tourism prepared for exemption of applying for a new license or renewals and also reduced its employment up to 50 percent for purpose of prevention of the disease.

It also said they are planning to provide online course for their staffs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In this rest hour of our staffs, we prepare for them with the purpose of elevating their knowledge. We just think ahead it. It is the purpose to provide course through online during this rest hour.” said U Zaw Lin Htunt.

It said there are totally 29 hotels and 3 new hotels licensed tour business in Kayah State.

The Regional Tourism Committee has organized in every division and state, and those committees are collecting the new license and renewal fee to its related regional hotel, guesthouse, tourism, and tourist guide in accordance with the Myanmar Tour Business Article (2008), Ministry of Hotel and Tourism.

It also said the decision making for current license fee exemption is depending on the period of the pandemic.

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