The State Administration Council Announced that Kayah State Residents can Apply for Passports with Recommendation Letters at the Taunggyi branch.


By Kantarawaddy Times.

The Military Junta made this announcement on its Myanmar Passport Issuance Office website on April 26th. This development follows over five months of passport issuance suspension in Loikaw, initiated with the start of Operation 1111.

A 30-year-old local man commented on the military’s actions, stating, “Getting a recommendation letter from the State Administration Council might be easy for ordinary people. The military headquarters of SAC made this arrangement for military families.”

Despite the reinstated passport application process, obtaining the necessary smart card for the passport poses a challenge for those holding 2/ household registration, according to a local woman.

She asserted, “they say we need a smart card to apply for a passport, but we haven’t received it yet. We don’t even know how to apply. So, it is not easy to do that.”

While smart cards are reportedly being processed at some monasteries and ward offices for those evading the military, some people are hesitant due to fears of their information being used for military conscription. Currently, Non-CDM staff confirm that smart cards can still be obtained at township General Administration Department offices.

“I can still get the smart card when I applied for it. But their staff are very rude to 2/ holders saying things that are shameful. but I had to do it because it’s necessary,” shared a woman who personally went through the process.

Although the official fee set by the Military Junta for passport processing is around 40,000 Myanmar Kyats, obtaining it through brokers could cost up to 200,000 Kyats. Prior to this official authorization, people with 2/ household registration reportedly had to pay up to 20 lakhs (2 million) Kyats to acquire passports. Even with the reinstated process, obtaining household registration remains a significant hurdle.

“Many people lost their household registration documents while fleeing the fighting. Now, they don’t know where to go to get them back for passport applications. Getting household registration is even harder than getting a passport,” expressed a Loikaw resident preparing for passport application.

The announcement further states that passport appointments can be rescheduled starting May 1st. According to locals, the Military Junta’s conscription law is driving an increased demand for passports.


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