The Ministry of Health urges people not to leave their homes unnecessarily to prevent the spread of COVID disease

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Kantarawaddy Times

The Ministry of Health and Sports has urged people to stay home as long as possible by avoiding unnecessary travel and gathering, following the directives issued to prevent the spread of COVID disease on November 19th.

People are urged not to travel as the current weather conditions in Myanmar are beginning to winter and may increase the potential spread of the disease.

Health officials in Kayah State also urged people to stay home as much as possible, and in case you have to go out, you should wear a mask, wash your hands often, and stay 6 feet apart each other.

Dr. Htay Lwin, Director of the Kayah State Department of Health and Public Health, said “Even if there is an infection among the people, everyone should stay home to slow down the spread. You can expect to stay at home for two weeks. If you stay home for two weeks, you will not be exposed to the virus if you do not come in contact with each other. If there is someone who has to go outside and do things, please wear masks. It can prevent the spread of the disease. The mask campaign is also organizing in the markets. It (wearing mask or face shield campaign) will be also conducted everyday everywhere in community, on street. If necessary, we will also provide mask and face shield. These activities including mask wearing campaign to everyone who has to go outside could prevent the spread of the virus.”

The Department of Health is monitoring the spread level of the disease after the election due to the crowd during election.

The government in each region / state, are also carrying out the face masks face shield wearing mobilization activities. Besides, the loudspeaker education on the disease is being stepped up as well.

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