The entire Nam Hu village was burned down by the State Administration Council.


By Kantarawaddy Times

The entire Nam Hu village was burned down by the State Administration Council, according to an official statement released by the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) on March 13, 2023. The village is located in Hopong Township, situated in the Mae Neh region of Shan State.

A military spokesperson from the PNLA told the Kanatarawaddy Times that the village was attacked with incendiary weapons on March 12 and deliberately set on fire.

“They primarily used heavy weapons and drones carrying incendiary bombs to ignite the village.
However, since their base is located in the west and southwest of the village, they can easily come and set fire to the village. Almost the entire village was burned down, indicating the use of incendiary bombs and deliberate arson,” added the PNLA’s military spokesperson.

The PNLA clarified that the area where the village was burned down is not under PNLA control, and there had been no recent clashes in the region. The village, comprising about 100 houses, suffered extensive damage, with almost all the houses destroyed in the fire, as per the PNLA spokesperson.

“Almost the entire village of Nam Hu was burned down, with no more than five houses remaining,” confirmed sources.

The statement released by the PNLA also reported that on March 12, junta troops fired more than 80 rounds of heavy weapons from Sai Kaung village to His Hseng town, resulting in damage to at least 14 houses.

The PNLA’s military spokesperson stated that the State Administration Council’s troops regularly carry out artillery shelling in areas without clashes or PNLA bases, leading to widespread damage to civilian property.


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