Priority will be given to agricultural production-road construction and water supply in this fiscal year 2020-21

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Soe Htike Aung

Priority will be given to rural agricultural roads and water supply in rural development projects in the 2020-2021 fiscal year, said Kyaw Thu Aung, State Director of the Rural Development Department in Kayah State

“As for 2020-2021, we will focus on building rural production roads and water supply both in townships and villages, which will be different from what we did last year. As there is still a lot more needed in our state, we have included the necessary areas in our budget as a matter of priority,” said Kyaw Thu Aung.

The Department of Rural Development has received a total of 3,380.512 million kyat from the Union and State’s budgets for this 2020-21 fiscal year.

The Union-funded fund, 1,170.72 million kyats, will be allocated for 13 rural agricultural roads and 53 bridges, and 674.321 million kyats will be allocated for 28 rural water supply projects in water-scarce areas.

9 rural agricultural production roads with state capital allowance; 1093.41 million kyats will be provided for 12 bridges and 442.060 million kyats will be allocated for 17 projects for rural water supply.

In this fiscal year 2020-2021, 10 units have been approved for the Ever Green (Myaseinyaung) project as a new projet, with 30 million kyats per unit, and 50 villages have been approved for rural development (BDB) project, with 100 million kyats per village.

Regarding to the rural development projects such as the Ever Green Village Project and the village development (BDB) project, U Kyaw Thu Aung said “We will firstly submit to our state government about these projects and our budget allocation process for villages. Then at the township level, we will select and implement those projects in the selected villages with the support of our project selection teams and Hluttaw representatives.”

Funds received from the Union and State permits will be distributed in 17 lots in Kayah State. Of the 17 lots, 15 will be openned as tinder procedure to business owners. The other two lots are below 10 million kyats and will be taken as a bid.

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