PNLA Says Eight Soldiers Receiving Medical Treatment Due to Junta’s Use of Chemical Weapons.


By Kantarawaddy Times.

Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) officially releases a statement claiming that eight soldiers have been suffering from gas poisoning due to the SAC drones’ attacks with chemical weapons in Hsihseng Township, Southern Shan State.

A military spokesperson of PNLA told Kantarawaddy Times that the soldiers suffered symptoms including dizziness, skin irritation, and shortness of breath after being exposed to the chemical weapons and eight of them are still receiving treatment.

“They attack with toxic gas. Soldiers who were exposed to the chemical attack have suffered similar symptoms. They got dizziness, skin irritation, changes in heart rate, and difficulty breathing. Our soldiers also got injuries from the chemical bomb attack. Eight of our soldiers are still receiving treatment,” remarked a military spokesperson of PNLA.

PNLA has stated that the place where chemical weapons are used, there is no clash occurring, and SAC is indiscriminately conducting chemical weapon attacks.

In addition, the military council troops, and its pro-allies’ militias are dressed in the Pa-O national uniform while fighting is considered as committing war crimes,” continued a PNLA military spokesman.

“No army fights while wearing a national uniform in combat against its enemy. Hence, wearing Pa-O ethnic uniforms during the combat while conducting terrorist action is causing destruction to the Pa-O national identity and this is a war crime,” continually accounted for a spokesperson.

The statement of PNLA includes that due to junta forces firing heavy weapons and using drones to attack Hsihseng Township, at least six homes were damaged and destroyed on March 4.

The military council targeted the Pa-O self-administration zone, in Hopong and Hsihseng townships every day with heavy weapons and aircraft even though there was no fighting. The junta’s indiscriminate attacks have been destroying not only houses but also religious buildings, added a PLNA military spokesperson.


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