Photos and Original Family Registration Forms are Required for a Temporary Residence Permit in Taunggyi, Shan State.


By Kantarawaddy Times.

Karenni IDPs who have arrived in Taunggyi, Shan State, are being asked to provide passport photos and household registration lists to receive temporary residency, according to Karenni IDPs who have arrived in Taunggyi township.

“Taking photos is for temporary residency and it is not required if a guest list registration has been completed. The guest list registration allows only one week of residency. The temporary residency registration allows three months to stay; however, both photos and household registration lists are required to be submitted,” said a Karenni female IDP who currently resides in Taunggyi township.

It has been reported that to obtain a 3-month temporary resident card, families are required to submit photos along with the original household registration form. If the family cannot provide those documents, a 3-month temporary residence card will not be permitted or obtained. Due to missing household registration forms and those who cannot obtain a temporary resident card must report to the ward administration office to present a one-week guest registry.

Following the State Administration Council (SAC) issued the military service law (conscription laws) on February 13th, applying for temporary resident cards has implemented, according to sources. Consequently, residents were worried about having their pictures taken for temporary residency, according to a Karenni IDP resident there.

“It is annoying that they asked to take a picture. They claim it’s just for residency purposes, but we’re uncertain about what they might do with the pictures. We’re unsure of the potential consequences. They’re insisting that every resident must comply with this requirement. For instance, all family members who intend to stay are obligated to have their photographs taken” he added.

According to locals, only Karenni residents residing in Shan State are permitted to travel if they can provide a recommendation letter from the respective authority in their area, villages, and town, confirming their residency in Shan State.

In addition, it is reported that the escalating conflict in Karenni state has presented considerable challenges for villagers who have sought refuge within Shan State. Specifically, these IDPs encounter obstacles during inspections conducted by the military council’s inspection team due to the loss of crucial documents such as household registration forms, nationality ID cards, and other pertinent paperwork.


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