People Struggle to Eat Amid Soaring Food Prices in Mawchi


By Kantarawddy Times

Like other areas of Karenni State, food prices have risen in the Mawchi region of Hpasawng Township, where one egg costs 1,000 kyat (about 43 cents), a local man informed Kantarawaddy Times.

“Prices of other items have also increased in Mawchi,” he said, after conflict between the Military Council and resistance forces has closed roads to the area, leading to a rapid price increase since the beginning of the month.

The fact that it’s the wet season has made travel on lesser roads difficult.

“Heavy rain hit the Mawchi area this month, preventing travel to the region. This is why the cost of food has doubled or tripled,” the man said.

About 70 percent of the population are daily wage labourers who struggle to put food on the table amid the inflation.

“Products are running out here. Even if you have money, you cannot buy the things you want or the amount that you need,” he said.

A bag of rice costs between 400,000 to 170,000 kyat depending on the brand; cooking oil is 8,000 kyat per litre; dried chilli is 80,000 kyat per viss (1.68 kg); petroleum is 7,000 kyat per litre; onions are 8,000 kyat per viss; garlic is 10,000 kyat per viss, and tomatoes are 10,000 kyat per viss.

According to locals, prices can vary depending on whether you shop at the market on the hill or at its base.

Mawchi is a region of Bawlake District famous for its tungsten mining. The region also has granite and tin deposits.


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