Nway Oo Guru Education Center Opens as a College From Diploma Course


By Kantarawaddy Times

Nway Oo Guru Education Center, established in Karenni State after the coup, officially announced its transformation from a one-year diploma program to the Karenni College of Social Science and Humanities on May 17th.

The current curriculum is recognized as meeting the standards of international university diploma programs and has reached the quality level to be considered a college. This led to the decision to open the college, said Nway Oo Guru Education Center Headmaster, Khine Sandar Nyunt.

“We believe that our educational approach, quality, academic support, and recognition are all in place to meet the standards of a college. Therefore, we have decided to change the program to a college,” she asserted.

The college will offer courses over 18 months, with a 6-month foundation program and a 1-year intensive program. Applications for the first year will open in June.

The college will accept 40 to 45 students for this academic year, with selection based on specific criteria. Applicants must have completed at least high school and are required to pass the entrance exam.

“We have an entrance exam system where anyone who meets the scores and passes can join the college. However, the basic requirement for our college level is that students must have completed high school. Even if they haven’t passed 9th or 10th grade under the old education system, they can still take the entrance exam, and they must pass it in order to join the college. If they have passed 10th grade or are about to enter university, they are also eligible,” she said.

The curriculum will include subjects such as Theory and Practices of Social Policy, Regional Political Systems, Research Design and Methods, Environmental Studies, Digital Literacy, Community Development, Media Literacy and Journalism, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion, along with additional courses like Academic English, Computer, and Introduction to Social Science.

Despite the transition to a college, the institution will continue offering short vocational training courses. Nway Oo Guru Education Center held its 3rd graduation ceremony for vocational courses on May 17th.

Nway Oo Guru Education Center was established on January 4, 2022, starting with vocational courses. In 2023, it transitioned to a diploma program, with 23 students enrolled. Currently, other colleges established during the revolution, like Youth Academic College and Seh Theh College, offer higher education to young people in Karenni State.

Since the school was established during the revolution, it has been discovered that there is still a need for education.


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