No Medics at Clinics in Less Population Hillside Regions as It Has No Systematic Structure

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Kantarawaddy Times

Khoon Phillip, the Director of Civil Health and Development Network – CHDN, said that the sayings of no plan to assign clinic medics for the regional sub-clinics at rural hillside regions in Kayah (Karenni) State are just the way the public, villagers, are being neglected, based to health perspective.

CHDN is the organization which was organized by ethnic armed groups within Kayah (Karenni) State, and they provide healthcare service mainly to rural regions the government could not reach.

“In urban, there are many clinics due to high population density, but in rural areas if we neglect them because of less crowding or less population number or because of communication difficulties, it becomes the villagers living in hillsides are being neglected according to health perspective; on the other hands, we will need to consider those kinds of neglection.” said Khoon Phillip.

It says they find out various kinds of issues such as lack of staff, drugs and medical equipment, language communication problem as the staffs are not local who understand local language, or although there is local staff, the staff could not help anything as there is no support from government.
Since 2015-2016 fiscal year, government built regional sub-clinics at Hso Lyar Ku, Doe Preh, and Daw Ku Li Villages in Hpruso Township, but they still could not open those clinics due to its structure.

The local people of Hso Lyar Ku Village said although they, the government, has assigned one staff around mid- 2019 in rural clinic, Hso Lyar Ku Village, there are still other necessities.

Ma Arr Kar Tar from Hso Lyar Ku said, “This clinic have been opened for long time, but we had some difficulties as there was no staff. The current staff comes to the clinic, but she does not come to clinic regularly.”

Daw Poe Mu from Hso Lyar Kue said, “They say sometimes they don’t have enough medicines. Sometimes, the staff does not come clinic regularly. She attends the training. Sometimes she attends training, so the child goes to Htee Paw Hso Village for medicines. If you suffer cough, fever, or ill, you have to go and ask for medicine at Htee Paw Hso Village.”

Joeses, the secretary at Hso Lyar Ku Village said, “May be one or two staffs… if possible, the single person, the one who could give service full time. Besides, we have some issues of medical shortage.”

U Teh Reh, the State Hluttaw MP of Hpruso Township, said, according to its structure, it is like wasting the public fund as there is no assigned staffs and drugs at built clinic in rural areas.

“The built this clinic and this section still does not come yet. They still could not assign any staff. So, these buildings become useless and turn to a waste of public fund. Besides, these buildings have been for five years. No one take care of these buildings within these five years. If no one take care of it, it will turn to waste. Therefore, it should not be like this.”

U Aung Maung, the Auditor General of Kayah State discussed in State Hluttaw meeting that it is in needs that the government should manage enough health staffs according its structure as these clinics are not built due to the structure.

The Auditor General of Kayah State U Aung Maung said, “When we did audit within 6 months in 2018, all these 3 buildings haven’t got Sanction. As there are not staff structure and Sanction for clinics, the buildings become useless. So, we discussed about the issues of Sanction for those clinics.”
In previous state parliament meeting on 14th February, the auditor General discussed the point to offer Sanction permit in accordance with structure since he saw that the rural sub-clinics haven’t got Sanction permit when he did audit from April to September 2018.

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