No Action Taken by Anti-Corruption Commission Against Former Kayah Chief Minister

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By Soe Hteik Aung/Kantarawaddy Times

No legal action has been taken against former Kayah State Chief Minister, L Phoung Sho, who was dethroned last month for corruption following an impeachment by a state-level commission.

Thae Reh, a parliamentarian for Hpruso Township, one of several who was part of a commission that led to the impeachement of the chief minister, said the Union Anti-Corruption Commission hasn’t investigated L Phoung Sho.

Thae Reh wondered why the commission hasn’t opened an investigation after the president of Burma ordered the chief minister to step down. “Even though we reported it to the Anti-Corruption Commission, no-one has responded,” he told the Kantarawaddy Times.

Kyaw Soe, director of the commission, told Kantarawaddy Times to ask Thae Reh if he’s submitted a formal complaint by letter. Until a letter arrives, he said he can’t discuss the matter.

But Thae Reh said he’s already sent a complaint letter to the commission on September 8 and wants an investigation opened into the allegations against the former chief minister.

He said he tried to contact Kyaw Soe by phone several times. “I called the Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday (September 17), but no-one responded. I called the commission today (September 18) and was told the director was out, and to call back again.”

Thae Reh said no-one has answered his questions.Political analyst Ko Kyaw Htin Aung said it is the commission’s duty to investigate cases of corruption.

“People from across the country are very interested in this case. The Anti-Corruption Commission needs to investigate it. As the elected government, NLD also needs to initiate an investigation.”

According to an official NLD statement regarding the matter, it didn’t select Kayah State Speaker, Hla Htwe, as its electoral candidate for the upcoming general election. And he retaliated by cooperating with several other parliamentarians to impeach L Phaung Sho, who is a member of the NLD.

Hla Htwe resigned from the NLD on August 6 and is running in the upcoming election as an independent candidate for Shardaw Township.L Phaung Sho stands accused of misusing his power and public funds.

He was dismissed for allegedly depositing money generated by the state’s heavy machinery operation into his private bank account. L Phaung Sho was also blamed for not following procedures regarding regional development projects. In particular, with land that was leased for Kayah State Day celebrations.

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