New Education System Getting Started for Grade-4 Students

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In 2020-2021 academic year, the government is providing training to primary school teachers in order to be able to lecture the Grade-4 students with the new education system.

“Our current training is for primary school level. We are giving TOT to the teachers to be ready before the academic year of high school or primary school starts,” said the Trainer, U Wi Zin Sho (the Principal of Daw Bu Nga Reh Village Primary School).

It said there are totally about 10 subjects in the training.
It also said the new curriculum is much better than the old one, and it will be applied by this academic year.

“Learning with this new system, the students will get the chance to apply in real life. Thus, the new system is very different from the old one. In term of the old system, students were supposed to follow as teacher’s instruction, like this. The new system is better because the students get the chance to do by themselves including critical thinking, and they can apply in their real life as well,” said the trainee, Daw Jenny Phar (the Primary School Teacher of Daw Wel Ku)

The students will be taught with the new curriculum in purpose of applying their learning in real life, especially they will learn about the Comprehensive Development and the Challenges in 21 Century.

It said the new system will be powerful if the teachers teach their students with patience and goodwill, and the students also actively participate in the class.

The teachers said they will try their best in teaching their students with goodwill.

“We are national staffs. We are required to comply with what the union commanded because whatever way you break up or teach in two groups…. like the health department, they are working hard in front line; so, we, education department, also have to try as much as we can,” said the Trainee, U Win Thein (the Primary School Teacher of Daw Bu Nga Reh Village).

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, students are supposed to be taught in separated group, and there are supposed to be only 20% of students in one class.

The current training is providing throughout the whole country.
There are three Training Centers with approximately 600 trainees in Deemawso Town, Kayah State.

It said the training is running in accordance with the instruction of Ministry of Health and Sports in order to prevent from the spread of COVID pandemic.

It said they have discussed with students’ parents which the students will be kept six feet apart one another and learn in separated group, and they (government) also have other preparation like hand gel and soap, and masks for classes in order to prevent from the spread of COVID pandemic.

According to the government instruction, July 13th is the started date of high school student registration, and its class will be opened by July 21st.

It said the student’s registration for middle school will be started after one week of the high school class is opened.

U Wi Zin Sho kept saying the primary school will also be started within August first or second week if everything will be going well.

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