Mining Project Cancelled Due to the Disagreement of Local People

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Soe Htike Aung

Since local people oppose against the Da Nu Pyit Won Company’s mining project at Kone Thar Village-tract, vacant land, totally 247 acres, the person in charge of Da Nu Pyit Won Company U Maraco responded that the company will not proceed their mining project if local disagree upon it.

U Maraco said, “We will not do it. We will never do the public disagreed project. We also do not like if disagreed. So we have no reason to proceed it. How will we become like if we proceed the task which public do not agree, or we all do not agree, and we are one with public.”

The local opposed against the application after the announcement released on April 2nd, 2020 by Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics (DALMS) that anyone can oppose the application of Da Nu Pyit Won Co. Ltd. for mining project before May 1st.

It said the company planned to purchase the local owned land acres in case the local owned land acres are located in the mining arranged 247 acres.

U Maraco said they will continue operating the mining project in their owned 50-acre land as it is their owned 50-acre land out of the applied vacant land with 127 acres.

“Since the beginning we negotiate with locals. The department representatives also participated in the negotiation. Now there are some rumors. However, we will keep operating it if there is someone who want to do on our purchased land. For the rest complicated acres, we will never do it, and we welcome public. Since it is complicated, we will continue doing on only our purchased land acre if there is someone who want to do it.” he said.

U Maraco said the initial test of mining already proceeded on the owned 50-acres land, and they don’t know how it is going yet.

It said the government departments and other organizations are doing researches related to natural environment at this mining zone.

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