Medical Supply Still in Shortage Around the State

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Kayah State Deputy Secretary/ General Practitioner of Myanmar Medical Association (MMA), Dr. Pyit Phyo Kyaw, said the medical supplies and doctors are still in shortage at Basic Healthcare Clinics in Kayah State.

The core issue of this cause is because of the budget shortage for purchasing medical supplies.

Dr. Pyit Phyo Kyaw said, “Another crucial cause is the sufficiency of medical supplies. It is concerned with the budget availability. It cannot be done with only us. It can be perfected only if the related person-in-charge of the Ministry of Planning and Finance gives permission. This one is also parts of the difficulties we are facing.”

In the Dialogue of Women organized by Kantarawaddy Times on June 8th, it talked about the healthcare as below.

Although it said, “free healthcare”, they still could not provide any insurance for free medicine.

Although the state have adequate basic healthcare and midwife, the shortage of doctors is one of the huge barriers in healthcare.

Dr. Pyit Phyo Kyaw said there was an incidence with lack of doctor for a long time at the province hospitals in previous years.

These vacancies are caused due to the in-charged doctor’s vacation back to home since they are not local or due to their position transfer.

“There are no applicants applied in that vacancy. We prefer local applicants from Kayah State. It is better if the applicant is local people because tt harms more to our Kayah State if the applicants from other states apply and serve for one or two year then transfer to other region,” U Aung Naing Oo, the Representative of Mese Township Constituency No.1, said to Kantarawaddy Times after the Meeting of State Hluttaw on June 10.

Although there are 77 job vacancies offered for Doctor in Kayah State, no candidates applied for it.

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