Loikaw University Forms Administration Council

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By Kantarawaddy Times

Loikaw University staff who joined the Civil Disobedience Movement against the military regime formed a temporary administration council to begin initial steps towards a federal education system.

The administration council in the Kayah (aka Karenni) State capital was started by the student and teacher’s unions and other university staff on May 2. According to a statement, its three objectives are: establish a federal education system for a future federal democratic union, implement administration affairs in line with a federal education system and manage the daily affairs of the university.

The Kayah State Teacher’s Union vowed to cooperate with the new council. “We have the same objective of establishing a federal education system,” a teacher from the union told Kantarawaddy Times, explaining that basic and post-secondary levels will benefit from a federalist mechanism in place. The teacher requested support from parents and the public.

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