Loikaw Prison Inmates at Risk Due to Lack of Nutritional Food, PPNM Warns


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Political Prisoners Network Myanmar (PPNM) issued a statement on May 20th expressing concern for over 400 prisoners, including political prisoners, detained at Loikaw Prison in Karenni State. They are facing dire food shortages as access to the prison has been restricted due to ongoing military operations.

“The military has established a defensive perimeter around the prison, and they have been firing on people who come near the prison. Family members are too scared to visit since battles are happening in the surrounding area sometimes. Therefore, the prisoners are only able to eat what little food is available inside. Even before this, it was difficult for them to get enough food. Now they are surviving on rice and fish paste. If this situation continues, the lives of the prisoners are in serious danger,” said Ko Thant Tun Oo, a member of the PPNM’s steering committee.

It is reported that over 110 political prisoners are detained in Loikaw Prison, along with over 300 other detainees.

The PPNM warns that if the lack of food continues for a very long time, the health of the prisoners, many of whom are already suffering from health problems, will deteriorate and they will face a high risk of death due to malnutrition. Hence, The PPNM released a statement emphasizing the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to urgently provide medical care and basic food supplies to all prisoners, including political detainees, in Loikaw.

Ko Theint Tun Oo also urged the Myanmar public, United Nations member states, and international human rights organizations to not forget about the prisoners in Loikaw Prison, who are struggling to survive on the meager food they have, and to pay intention on their safety and well-being.


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