KNPP: Burma Army Are In Chaos


By Blessing/Kantarawaddy Times

Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) leaders have speculated that Burmese regime leader and army chief Min Aung Hlaing’s recent call for peace talks indicates that the army has a weak hand following prolonged fighting with groups resisting dictatorship rule on several border fronts.

“The Burma Army (BA) is in chaos: it has suffered many causalities and many soldiers have deserted. They are struggling and therefore want peace talks with the ethnic armed organisations (EAOs),” KNPP first secretary Khu Daniel told the Kantarawaddy Times.

The armed wing of the KNPP, the Karenni Army, is fighting the regime in Karenni and Shan states and the KNPP will not send representatives to the peace talks.

What Min Aung Hlaing says and what he does differ greatly; he cannot be trusted, Khu Daniel explained.

He pointed out that “only the EAOs are leading an armed revolution, however, everyone is participating in the revolution against the military junta. If they want a peace dialogue, they have to invite all the armed groups in this country”.

The regime chief has excluded the shadow National Unity Government and its affiliated political organisations, as well as the entire People’s Defence Forces and the Chinland Defence Forces.

In a recent speech, Min Aung Hlaing promised to personally meet with representatives of all EAOs and requested they send two representatives each to the peace talks scheduled for 9 May.


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