KNDF: Karenni resistance groups control 90% of territory in Karenni State


By Kantarawaddy Times

March 25, 2024

Karenni resistance groups have captured 65 military camps from the Burma army since November 2023 and now control 90% of the territory in Karenni State, according to an officer with the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force’s (KNDF) Information Department.

“After launching the ‘1111 military operation’ in Karenni State, resistance forces have captured 65 military camps including military bases, strategic hilltop camps, outposts and military checkpoints,” the KNDF Information Officer told Kantarawaddy Times.

Of the 65 military camps, 16 were abandoned by Burma army soldiers meaning that the Karenni resistance groups were able to seize them without any armed clashes, according to the KNDF Information Officer.

The 65 military camps captured by Karenni resistance groups include 17 in Pekon Township, 13 in Demoso Township, 12 in Loikaw Township, nine in Hpasawng Township, seven in Shardaw Township, five in Bawlakhe Township, one in Mese Township, and one in Hpruso Township.

The KNDF Information Officer said that Karenni resistance groups have control over many significant towns in Karenni State including Mobye, Ywathit, Nam Mae Khong, Demoso, Mawchi, Shardaw and Mese. There is no presence of Burma army soldiers in Mese Township, Shardaw Township or areas of Bawlakhe Township east of the Salween River.

Burma army bases, outposts and checkpoints remain in Bawlakhe, Hpasawng, Hpruso, Demoso and Loikaw towns. The military council maintains control in only 10% of the territory of Karenni State, including active frontlines, according to the KNDF Information Officer.

In June 2023 during ‘Mohcha Storm Operation,’ Karenni resistance groups captured seven military camps from the Burma army in areas of Karenni State bordering Thailand.


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