Kay Htoe Boe Festival Will Be Held with only Few People to Prevent from Epidemic

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Soe Htike Aung

The Director of Kay Htoe Boe Festival Organizing Committee U Mi Reh said they will conduct the 62nd Kay Htoe Boe Festival with few responsible people in order to prevent from epidemic.

The Director of Kay Htoe Boe Festival Organizing Committee U Mi Reh said, “Since the beginning, we have prepared the plan already whether the festival will be held or not. We expected and assumed it will happen. As soon as it is closer to festival date, we have to change our plan after hearing about the coronavirus infection.”

The Kayah (Karenni) ethnics’ 62nd Kay Htoe Boe Festival was initially scheduled to celebrate heavily at Peh Lyar Village, Htee Phoe Kloe Village-tract, Deemawsoe Township, Kayah State, from 23 March to 28 March 2020.

On March 16, the Kay Htoe Boe Festival Organizing Committee announced not to hold the 62nd Kay Htoe Boe Festival in crowd because of the outbreak of respiratory syndrome spreading globally (Coronavirus Disease 2019/Covid- 19).

The Deputy Director of Organizing Committee U Teh Reh explained about the announcement made by festival organizing committee.
“If we hold this festival heavily, the population would reach to thirty thousand or fifty thousand. Therefore, individual people have responsibility to follow with the message or statement released by World Health Organization and the president of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in order to prevent the infection from each other and the message of no crowd gatherings.” said U Teh Reh.

It says this year they could not hold the festival heavily with the guests they invited to participate in the Kay Htoe Boe Festival like previous years.
Besides, it released this year festival would not include the public meeting, public ceremony, traditional dance, annual meeting of Ei Lu Byar Kyel and representatives of the villages, Maw Moe Committee Meeting, small shops building, and sports anymore.

Despite, they will do cutting down the sacred pole of Kay Htoe Boe, bringing the sacred pole and erecting the sacred pole and hold with relevant persons in charge, and “Ei Lu Byar Kyels (the traditional leaders) in accordance with the tradition.

The Kay Htoe Boe Festival is celebrated annually since ancestors spans as a traditional heritage with the believe of having the right weather, wealthy of rich and water, no disease, and having the peaceful state.

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