Karenni State IEC to Prosecute Regime for War Crimes


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Karenni State Interim Executive Council (IEC) intends to prosecute the Military Council at an international court for committing war crimes in Karenni State. U Banyar, IEC’s second secretary, stated that they have opened a human rights department within the council.

On 6 August, the IEC announced the formation of seven departments, including a department for humanitarian relief and rehabilitation. Consequently, Karenni individuals can directly report human rights abuse matters to the IEC in Karenni State. In January, Karenni armed groups, political parties, and civil societies established the IEC several months ago, the first state or region in the country to form a revolutionary government after the military coup.

Banyar said, “We are now initiating communication with the Human Rights Ministry of the National Unity Government (NUG). The human rights department within the IEC will function at the state level. Eventually, we will collaborate with the Human Rights Ministry of NUG at the national level. Together, we will work towards prosecuting the Military Council at an international court.”

An officer working with the information department of the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) said, “They (regime) have targeted places of worship, civilian residences, schools, medical clinics, and hospitals with artillery shelling and airstrikes. They have also set fire to civilian homes. The Military Council has undeniably committed war crimes in Karenni State.”

The army has committed various forms of human rights abuses, including massacres, burning civilians alive, raping women, detaining civilians, and using them as human shields during clashes in Karenni State.

“To the best of my knowledge, NUG has already lodged cases in courts in Australia and Germany concerning the Burma army’s massacre in Moso village. The NUG has taken the lead in this process, and we are collaborating with them in the prosecution against the military council at an international court. We have compiled data and documents pertaining to the human rights abuses committed by the Military Council in our Karenni State.”

The European Union imposed sanctions on Lt-Gen Ni Lin Aung last year for playing a key role in the Moso Massacre. Since the Military Council has promoted him to Commander of Police Chief and Deputy Minister of the Interior Ministry.

The army burned and killed over 40 innocent people at a checkpoint near the village on Moso on 24 December 2021. Most of them were trying to escape the fighting between the army and resistance groups in Hpruso Township. An forensic investigation that was conducted later indicated that some of the victims may have been burned alive.


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