Karenni Resistance Seize Mae Salawng Camp in Bawlakhe District


By Kantarawaddy Times

Karenni resistance fighters have toppled the regime’s strategic camp on Mae Salawng camp, which is vital for controlling the town of Bawlakhe situated in the township sharing the same name.

Karenni Army adjutant general Col Phone Naing said although he can’t say how many Burma army soldiers they killed, they discovered many bodies in the camp after they took it. No one from his side died, he added.

Weapons, ammunition, landmines and other military equipment were recovered from the Burma army, a frontline resistance fighter told Kantarawaddy Times.

The offensive on the hilltop installation housed by a battalion from Bawlakhe and another from the Shan State Military Operations Command began on June 19 and was captured six days later.

It was the second time that resistance took the hill in Karenni State.

In January 2023, they overran it, but were forced out by the regime three days later.


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