Karenni resistance report 40 Junta soldiers killed in 10-day battle in Demoso


On May 24th, the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) made an announcement regarding the 10-day battle in Demoso claiming the Junta regime had lost 40 soldiers including a Captain and 2 Lieutenants, were killed during the clashes between May 14th – May 23rd.

The resistance forces also managed to capture two private soldiers of the Military Council as prisoners of war. In a significant development, a considerable cache of military weapons, including rifles, pistols, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, was confiscated by the resistance forces.

But on May Reports have emerged stating that a number of civilians lost their lives following a series of six aerial bombardments conducted by the Military Council in the western part of Demoso Township, situated in Karenni State.The attacks commenced at approximately 10:30 pm on May 24th.

An eye-witness from western Demoso narrated what happened.” we were startled by the resonating hum of an approaching plane. As the first bomb descended, the plane’s roar momentarily dissipated, only to return with an intensified barrage of five more bombs.

The aftermath of the aerial assault was swiftly followed by the jarring impact of artillery shells, unleashing devastating explosions upon our surroundings. Although we have received word of an estimated four or five casualties, the precise count eludes our confirmation at this time”.

“Six bombs dropped, followed by at least six rounds of artillery fired,” a member of People’s Defence Force-Demoso told Kantarawaddy Times.“The word is that some of our revolutionary comrades got hurt, but we’re not totally sure yet. And this morning, we spotted a reconnaissance plane again circling around. ”

During the attack the KNDF lost 7 of their comrades, while the Karenni Army (KA) suffered the loss of a comrade.

During nearly 10-days of fighting from May 14th to 23rd, intense clashes had erupted between the invading Military Council and the local Karenni resistance joint forces along the mountain ridge encompassing Tanee Lale and Daw Hlyar Khu villages in Demoso Township.

Amidst the conflict, the Military Council forces stationed in Hpruso, Demoso, Ngwetaung, and Loikaw townships played an active role by providing artillery support and conducting numerous airstrikes, amounting to at least 60 bombings during the 10-days of fighting.Specifically in the vicinity of Demoso, the Military Council’s 425th and 517th Light Infantry Battalions, along with the 287th Infantry Battalion, were engaged in combat. On the opposing side, the KNDF, KA, and Loikaw PDF forces fiercely repelled and launched counterattacks against these units.


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