Junta Unleashes Over 100 Airstrikes in Loikaw within 9 Days


The Karenni Army (KA) has reported that the Military Council conducted approximately 110 airstrikes in Loikaw Township, Karenni (Kayah) State, between December 1st and 9th.

During these airstrikes, the Military Council used long-range weapons, as well as 500-pound bombs, according to the Karenni resistance. The KA added that Loikaw experienced the highest number of airstrikes on a single day, with 47 incidents recorded on December 9th.

Colonel Phone Naing, the Adjutant General of KA commented, “The Military Council’s

corny methods are well-known. They cling to their illegal rule, resorting to desperate aerial bombardments. However, their actions won’t hold up in the long run; their collapse is imminent”.

Residents reported that numerous homes in Doroukhu, Narnattaw, and Naungyar wards in Loikaw sustained damage due to the air raids conducted by the Military Council.

“Homes in four wards were damaged, with some areas almost completely destroyed. Airstrikes and shelling not only caused structural damage, but also led to civilian casualties”, a Loikaw resident told Kantarawaddy Times.

The Military Council has been conducting daily airstrikes ever since the Karenni resistance forces initiated ‘Operation 11.11’ in Loikaw.Loikaw has endured at least 477 airstrikes since the commencement of the clashes.

The Military Council is carrying out air raids and shelling targeting residential areas in Loikaw. According to the December 9th update from the Karenni Humanitarian Aid Initiative (KHAI), within a month, 82 civilians in Loikaw died due to the Military Council’s indiscriminate attacks, including 43 from shelling, and 24 from airstrikes.


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