Junta army mortar fire into a village in West Kayan region injures four civilians


Kantarawaddy Times

Yesterday, November 9 at around 9:30 p.m., a mortar shell fired by junta troops hit a house in La Ee village in West Kayan region of Karenni State, according to a local resident.

“Four people were wounded, one on the stomach, one on the shoulder, one on the hand, and the fourth several body parts. The shell hit the house directly. Two children were sleeping, one of whom received wounds to the hand, neck, and shoulder. The roof of the house has been blown off and half of the house has been destroyed,” said the witness.

A 56-year-old man who was hit in the abdomen is in critical condition. Two women age 45 and 80 were injured, along with the ten-year-old child.

The shell was large caliber, possibly 120 mm, according to witnesses. During yesterday’s firing two such shells landed in the immediate area; the other hit just outside the village. After the first strike, residents fled the village to seek safety outside. “People were panicking. This village has never seen such a large weapon so close. About a month ago, a shell fell about 3 kilometers away,” a local resident added.

Residents can’t explain why the military junta would fire mortar shells into civilian areas where there is no fighting. In La Ee village where these shells fell, there are also refugees from fighting elsewhere.

On November 1, large mortar shells fell in Lim Phonggyi and Wampang villages of Loikaw Township, injuring four civilians, including a pregnant woman.


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