IEC Raises Awareness on Landmine Risks in Karenni State


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Karenni State Interim Executive Council (IEC) issued a statement on May 1st, outlining steps that civilians should take to mitigate the risks of landmines in Karenni State, where landmine-related injuries remain prevalent.

According to U Banya, IEC’s Second Secretary, approximately 90 civilians have been injured by landmines during the over three years of revolution.

He told Kantarawaddy Times, “Based on our collection of data, we can say that around 85-90 people have been victims of landmines during the revolution. This figure is just from the civilian side, and the actual number might be higher.”

U Banya also reported that at least 35 civilians have been injured by landmines in 2024 alone, with 2 fatalities. This, he stressed, represents only the documented cases and the true figure could be significantly higher.

The IEC has released a statement recommending that villagers returning to their communities reside only within designated safe zones and to avoid any contact with unexploded ordnance, refraining from touching or handling these dangerous items. If any suspicious objects are encountered, immediate reporting to responsible authorities is paramount. The statement urged public to diligently adhere to all mine risk education and awareness information disseminated by relevant organizations.

The statement also indicate that The IEC is actively engaged in demining operations in villages and neighborhoods within Karenni State in collaboration with various revolutionary forces. Meanwhile, the IEC is working with different groups to raise awareness about landmine dangers and air raid safety, to minimize civilian casualties.


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