Hsihseng Market Destroyed in Heavy Weapons and Drone Attack


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) announced on March 12 that the heaving fighting is still ongoing and Hsihseng Market in Hsihseng Township, southern Shan State, had been heavily damaged and burned down due to military heavy weapons fire and a drone attack.

According to the PNLA, the military junta fired heavy weapons approximately 40 times on the morning of March 11, despite there being no ongoing clashes in Hsihseng at the time. The PNLA alleges that the junta is deliberately targeting civilian areas, using airstrikes, heavy weapons fire, and drone attacks.

Sources claim that 90% of the damage sustained by homes and buildings in Hsihseng Township has been caused by these attacks. The PNLA has accused the junta of blatant human rights violations and war crimes.

According to a statement released by the Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO) on March 11, the fighting in Hsihseng Township has resulted in the destruction of 185 civilian homes, 15 religious buildings, four schools, two hospitals or clinics, and one market.

The PNLA urges the international community to take immediate action against the junta and hold it accountable for its actions.


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