Govt Servants Organize Public Shaming Campaign in Kayah State

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By Kantarawaddy Times

Public education staff who walked off their jobs to join the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) are fighting back against management pressuring them to return to schools in Kayah (Karenni) State.

After being ordered to return to work by April 24, teachers and other staff in Maese posted photos of Tin Ngwe, manager of the Education Department for Maese Township, Khoon Thwet, principal for Rumkhu Middle School and Shar Myar, principal of Loi Nanhpa Middle School.

“They told us not to join the CDM and said if we did they wouldn’t pay us our salary,” an employee explained to Kantarawaddy Times. A public shaming campaign is also underway in Demawso and Hpruso where staff are facing harassment to return to their posts.

The Kayah State Education Department said they would fire principals who joined the CDM in Kayah State.

Students of Loikaw Education Degree College vowed not to return to classes under the military regime. They said they will continue protesting against the junta and only attend the college when there is a civilian government.

The junta’s State Administration Council announced that all universities and colleges must reopen on May 5.

Health workers started the CDM two days after the military staged the February 1 coup, wearing red ribbons or walking off the job. Many other government servants and workers employed in the private sector joined the movement that quickly spread across the country.

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