Gov’t Needs to Solve the Problem Occurring Between Farmers and Tatmataw

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The Kayah (Karenni) State based ethnic parties claimed either the union government or state government should figure out the solution or give instructions in response to the tensions occurring between the farmers and Myanma Tatmataw as it could impact on state peace and stability.

“It is the one government should take instant action. They need to do something like preparing the instruction or laws in order to prevent those kinds of cases occurring again and to have good preparation. However, the current government haven’t done any preparation until now,” said Khoon Bi Htoo, the Chairperson of Kayan National Party.

The Artillery Corps-356 and the Light Infantry Battalion-250 from Loikaw Township and the Artillery Corps-360 from Deemawso Township, Loikaw District, Kayah State have sued to 37 farmers and 3 members of Karenni State Farmer Union (KSFU), totally (40) defendants, and the related townships also have already sentenced them with fine and imprisonment.

The Kayah State Democratic Party (KySDP) and Kayan National Party (KNP) released their statement on July 15 that they claim the government to interfere and solve the problem and disagree with the amended reasons which were raised by the military to the High Court of the State due to their (military) unsatisfaction upon the Township Court’s sentenced punishment.

“Another thing is the farmers have faced with the court appointments, and they have been imprisoned before. Because of it, they have suffered mentally, and it gave them so much pressure and trauma as well. It, however, happens again like this, so I see it as a human right abuse. In that case, the government has responsibility for it,” said U Theh Reh, the General-Secretary of KySDP.

It is also known that the government have not responded anything to the statement related to the farmers issue.

When Kantarawaddy Times contacted via phone to the State Chief Minister of Kayah State Government Office, he replied he still could not share his time and appointed to do the interview on next week office time.

After the amendment raised by Tatmataw, the farmers from Loikaw Township were appointed to the High Court of State on July 10th; similarly, the Daw Hso Shay farmers from Deemawso Township were appointed on July 16th.

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