Government Planning for Pricing Basic Foods

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Kantarawaddy Times

The Deputy State Governor from Department of Consumer Affairs Daw Cho Yu Lwin said they are now planning for pricing the basic food within state to prevent from price soaring, and they will release the statement after making decision.

“It is to freeze the basic food price mainly the rice, oil, and salt including the essential medicines. Our ministry is leading the meeting how we will set basic price with what measurement. We have not had the decision yet. After having the meeting decision, we will release the announcement to all departments and public at same time”, said Daw Cho Yu Lwin, the Deputy State Governor.

It is the plan to prevent price soaring and shortage of the basic foods in this outbreak of COVID-19 in Myanmar.

Consumer Affairs Department, Consuming Information and Complaint Reception Centre announced on March 26th with the contactable number that people can inform to that number if they find out the shop selling high price.

People can report that number if they find out the shops within state are taking the advantage on the current outbreak of COVID-19 acute respiratory disease and selling products with high price.

Within three days after announcement, it says the basic food most consumers reported is salt, and they reported for the price soared.

“The reports keep submitted within three days; especially salt price. The price of salt is increasing. In the past, we can purchase 2 packs cost 500 Kyats. After this outbreak, one pack soar up to 500, 700, or 800. We were informed about those prices”, said Daw Cho Yu Lwin.

Currently the Consumer Affairs Department are arranging for consumer protection, prevention of basic foods and other products’ price soaring.

Ministry of Commerce and Trade announced on March 30th that they defined the drugs, food products, and medicines for prevention, control, and treatment of COVID-19 as essential supplies in accordance with Article 4 Section (A).

It says they are preventing from goods selling and distributing at high price in markets or storing the goods with the purpose to control the price, and those sellers will be charged according to Article 5- Essential Supplies and Service Law.

It stated in the law that if anyone found guilty and committed to one of the statements in Article 4, he or she will be sentenced at least six months up to three years in prison and a fine not more than five hundred thousand kyats.

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